Hello 2021 Competitive Coaches , Managers & Parents

We are pleased to bring you  competitive Soccer arena league at the Oceanside YMCA Oceanside. We would like you to be apart of this exciting event and learn about our season of our very popular, fun, youth competitive arena soccer league for all Boys and Girls 2007-2013 teams.

We would like to invite your team to play a season of ARENA SOCCER  at the Oceanside YMCA .   Now that  clubs are getting back to play and with covid a lot of teams and  player have not been so active and our league will help your teams to get back into the rhythm of the game.     Now that COVID restriction  have been lifted , spring competitive season is over  this can be the perfect
opportunity to get your teams and player prepare for the summer tournaments . Dont let your  competition get ahead of you  in preparing  for  the upcoming season and other events .
 Get your team ready , strong, prepared and in shape by playing other competitive team.

  S.C.A.  IS Hosting 8-game arena soccer league.  May 22nd  23rd 24th .  I have attached a flyer on the upcoming league and registration is now open.

Boys 2005 – 2006 and 2007 will play Friday nights between 6-10pm
Boys 2008-2013 will play Sunday’s between 1pm-8pm
Girls 2005 – 2006-2013 will play Saturday’s between 1pm-8pm

There is lots of parking , safe environment and you can even get distracted by the beautiful sunset if your game is scheduled that time of the evening  

This is a new League  and anything that is new is always good or something to try.   And we guarantee  you will love it.   Our league is design to give a little more than just COME & Play.  We offer a free 5 step Fundamental play clinic to all register teams. Each player will rec. an evaluation  assessment report  to help them build on the growth and development.

The 8-game season only costs $450 per team .  Every team also posts a refundable forfeit deposit of $100.00 that is returned at the end of the season, assuming your team plays all eight games.  Halves are 25-minutes each.

We schedule around your League games so there is no conflicts (tryouts, tournaments, & games etc.).  There is no entry , no membership fee,  Just enter your team with your roster .

Please contact us if you have any questions.  When you register, provide your upcoming tournament dates or important event so we can schedule around them.  If you join a tournament after registration  we can still work around it.  

Have a great day,