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“First ask yourself what you want. Then do it.”

~ Coach Charles


“I fully believe in teaching the fundamental of the game. Passing, Control, skills, fitness & ball-mastering. I will help you improve as a player so you can become more than what you would expect . Technical, Tactical, Physical & Personality.  The rest will be up to you the player and how far YOU want to GO.”

Charles is a very organized, dedicated, passionate and a highly motivated Trainer/coach with a passion for the game and a talent for teaching  players of all ages to Achieving there goals.

Coach Charles

Coach Charles has an incredible history of experience. His career highlights include playing Professional for his country and with some of the top Premier clubs at the National level and have also coach two outstanding club teams. He has led a number of boys and girls  under 18 to win the Presidio Championships.  Coach Charles has Pro-trained and coached for number of soccer clubs.

Coach Charles’ goal is to provide the best training for all his player and trainees by providing all the skills and techniques and what ever it takes to help players improve as a soccer player.                                                                                                             

Soccer ClipBoard Academy Staff will help you in any and every stage of your soccer development – as long as you are willing to work hard We will help you to make your dreams come true. It takes a unique desire and commitment to excel and to become a winner. Without proper soccer training a player will never reach his full potential. Perfection- That’s what makes you progress in life.  Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, having a love of what you are doing or learning to do.

No matter what activity or practice you are pursuing, there isn’t anything that isn’t made easier through constant familiarity and training. Experience tells you what to do, Confidence allows you to do it.

Think seriously about your goal in soccer/football: Do you want to make a traveling team, become a high school varsity starter, earn a scholarship, play professional?

Professional Resume

Charles Lawrence
Vista, CA 92085
[email protected]
+1 (760)-525-3648

“Coaching is taking a player where they can’t take themselve


My goal is to coach/train with an established organization or club
where I can learn and contribute what is expected and to execute any and all duties required. I strive to improve every player by teaching the technical, tactical, psychological, and physical aspects of the game in a challenging and fun manner.





I am an experienced and passionate Trainer/coach with a strong
understanding of clubs, schools, university soccer with a strong tactical and
technical knowledge of the game.




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