Please note: We Value the safety Of ALL Our players & families During C-19. We Fellow all guidelines and exercise all to ensure the safety of ALL .

Our Training & camps are designed for players of all age group, who want to become a better player and to improve and develop their playing ability and game. S.C.A. have programs for all ages & we teach all the fundamental skill to help any player grow from recreational to advanced.

Every player is very important to us. Our goal is to make sure they will leave our camp or training with confidence and for sure a better players .


Contact us at:

FIELD COACHING:  [email protected]
KEEPING: [email protected]


(1) EL. Private Training Session 2 HRS $80
(2) AL. Private Training Sessions 4 HRS $140 (save $20)
(3) IM. Private Training Sessions 8 HRS $250 (save $30)
(4) SP8 Private Training Sessions 16 HRS $460 (save $60)


1 Private Group Training Session UP TO 4 PLAYERS $160 Only $40.00
4 Private Group Training Sessions UP TO 4 PLAYERS $600 Only $150.00

Important things to remember:

Perform Exercises Properly!

The right attitude is crucial when training: “It is not important how quickly an exercise is implemented. It is better to do the exercise slowly and 100% correctly than too fast and in the wrong way. It’s about giving the goalkeeper solutions that he can retrieve automatically in the game.”

Make progress and have fun at the same time!

Soccer Clipboards Academy (SCA) Athletics for beginer and competitive players

STARTING  Auguest 2023 –  March 2024,     All levels welcome, beginner to Competitive

TIME AND SCHADUELS TBA Cost: $165. – Ages 12-19 Included Jersey  – Ages 3-11  $155. – Included Jersey.     sign up  & payment on our website     PAYMENT/DONATION      EACH SESSION- PER MONTH  training is twice per-week  for  AGES 3-11  (8 session )

                                                                                                                              SESSION – PER MONTH  training is 6 session  ( schaduel will be provided )

SOCCER FOR KIDS - 3-5, 6-8, 9-11, 12-19

Presented by Soccer Clipboards Academy (SCA), in conjunction with TCC Athletics

STARTING ON Tuesday, Feb. 15th - Sat, March 2nd @ Tri-City School’s Bickley Field All levels welcome, beginner to Competitive

TIME AND SCHADUELS TBA Cost: $165. - Ages 12-19 Included Jersey Ages 3-11 $155. - Included Jersey sign up now trough our website payments through PayPal

S.C.A Soccer Clipboards Academy PRESCHOOL PROGRAM kicking off on Feb. 15th. - April. 2nd. Our program is designed for beginning players with a developmentally appropriate curriculum that focuses on introducing young children to the game. Our program utilizes specific soccer games & Fun training to provide a memorable experience for your child. Our curriculum has been designed by experts in the field of child development and coaches who have a strong background in playing and coaching. Registration is now open. Check our website for times & Information. FIRST KICK ( 3-5 years ) NEXT LEVEL (6-9 years) NEXT STEP (10-18 years) is an innovative program, created by child care specialists that introduces children aged 3 - 6-years , 7 -12 years to the fundamentals & basic soccer skills. We Use modules & fundamental soccer activities, such as games and stories to develop their skills in the following area. Technical Skills Gross motor skills Physical Development Social skills Self confidence Communication Teamwork Agility & Balance Coordination Our FIRST KICK , NEXT LEVEL & NEXT STEP program will bring numerous benefits to the children participating in the program. A few of our program highlights are listed below: Classes focus on the fundamentals of player development: dribbling, passing, shooting, trapping and how to use them effectively in a game. Level 1 will take players through weekly sessions of fundamental skill building and competitive drills/games to build confidence and competence. Qualified Professional Coaches with an abundance of experience working with young children . Innovative curriculum designed by education professionals and child psychologists that focus on the key factors of child development Player package that includes: Full custom designed S.C.A. Uniform (Shirt and Shorts) Awards Weekend Games ( kids get to experience the game by playing ) Our FIRST KICKER's classes are carefully designed with lots of fun games and drills . Classes are led by high-energy coaches and packed with creative games structured to help kids tackle age-appropriate developmental milestones. Rooted in renowned child development theories, our innovative curriculum provides kids ages 3 - 6 years the skills they need to learn soccer and grow as individuals, all while having a blast. Come see why many kids & Families love our program! Classes meet weekly for 70 minutes. These classes are designed to give Children the experience of group learning to a great start. Managing a class full of toddlers can be challenging but we have the experts to do so. . They’re playful, extremely skittish and easily distracted. But with the right structure and interactions, we put them first and do all there is to help them develop and grow. . Activities using all the necessary equipment to build skills, balance, coordination, running, tracking, kicking and changing directions—all building blocks needed for playing soccer. With parents by their side, our youngest FIRST KICKERS will feel safe to explore new experiences and create new relationships while learning in a fun and dynamic environment. We believe childhood is a magical time full of possibilities. We believe in approaching everything from a developmental perspective. We believe learning should be fun. We believe in creating space for all children whether they are on the road to all-star soccer or simply just want to play. OUR STAFF, Our staff are professionally trained to provide the best learning experience for your child. In addition to being specifically prepared to work with this age and ability level, our staff are up to date with the current First Aid procedures, Child Safety / Safe Haven courses, Nutritional Guidelines and Injury Prevention BACKGROUND CHECKS All Coaches & Trainers applicants, go through a detailed Recruitment Process including interviews, coaching sessions, personality tests and background checks before they are selected & are selected based on their performance evaluations. Throughout the recruitment process our staff go through in-depth assessments & background checks.

Please reach out to TCC Soccer Head Coach Charles Lawrence | [email protected] or [email protected] with any questions.

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Email : [email protected], phone (760)-672-5383, (760)-525-3648

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