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It is every player’s dream to become a “pro”, to play in the “Big League”. To be out there, doing what you love under those bright lights. What many people don’t realize is the level of commitment that it takes to make that DREAM becomes a REALITY .

It doesn’t come as easily as just waking up from a long sleep. It takes plenty of WORK and lots of “LIVI-cation” . Most of all, it takes PROPER TRAINING which is what you will get from our program.

With your “LIVI-cation” and determination and with our HIGH LEVEL of PROFESSIONAL TRAINING and exposure, you can even be scouted by some of the world best Soccer Clubs, but again, THAT IS TOTALLY UP TO YOU and your level of commitment.

WE are here to provide you with the BEST Professional Training, which will open the gateway to the exposure that you dream of.

JOIN us on the beautiful CANARY ISLAND in SPAIN and become apart of the ” CANARY ACADEMY PROGRAM ” WHERE CHAMPIONS are made, & hope we can make your DREAM becomes a REALITY .

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Email : [email protected], phone (760)-672-5383, (760)-525-3648

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