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“Coach Charles is amazing he is very athletic and knows so much about soccer he has a brilliant shot and just shows you everything you need to know he coaches multiple teams and has developed brilliant players!Another thing I like about him is that he is very nice he will tell you about his life in Jamaica and he will tell you what it was like to be on the Jamaican national team. Finally, Coach Charles gives you nicknames and when you get better the nickname gets better! all in all, Coach Charles is the best”

Cain E.

“He’s very nice and is smart. He also taught me to relax, how to aim a ball, and to control the ball.”

Tevin M.

“The things that I like about Coach Charles are that he doesn’t make me nervous, he’s very nice and is smart. He also taught me to relax, how to aim a ball, and to control the ball. Coach Charles also makes soccer fun.”

Benjamin S.

“Coach Charles is awesome!! From one practice I learned so much. He knows EXACTLY what he’s doing and knows how to teach starting from something simple and building up. I had so much fun and I will definitely keep practicing with him.”

Vanessa H.

“Thanks, Coach Charles for teaching me new skills and helping me build my confidence. You are an awesome private coach.”

Jada E.

“Charles is an amazing soccer coach. I have seen a great improvement in my daughter’s skills since she started training with Charles. Aside from being a great soccer coach, Charles is very professional, patient and truly cares about helping kids reach their goals/succeed.”

Jackie F.

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