Pass-Forward Program:

“Giving Forward to Those Who Need It Most”

We at Soccer Clipboards Academy have created what’s called our “Pass-Forward Program” where we collect and redistribute soccer equipment to children in Jamaica & the Caribbean, South America & Africa and other parts of the world where ever we make contacts of those in need.   Many of these children  and players love football/soccer with all their hearts and can only play with the most basic equipment simply because they cannot afford or find proper gear.

Do you love the game?  Do you love helping others?  Consider a donation of any amount or give us any unused uniforms that you may have or can get and we will collect and redistribute them to children in Jamaica, the Caribbean,  South America, and Africa.

Through our Pass-Forward Program, people who love soccer are able to recycle their gear and enrich the lives of children and others!

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There is so much that we can do for our friends.  

Even the smallest gesture from you makes a ripple that can be felt on the other side of a very large body of water!